Managing large amounts of data doesn't have to be hard.

Whether you are managing corporate or Taft-Hartley Trust Funds, by using MTSS-mba, you can decrease your costs, increase revenues and still go home everyday with a smile!

Based on over 20 years of industry user feedback, MTSS-mba is a feature-rich, HIPAA compliant, powerful software application that streamlines the collecting, managing and tracking of membership and employee benefits data.

Imagine - All the data and all the features you need to excel at what you do, available right at your desktop - Right Now!

Easy to Use!

MTSS-mba easily handles data from multiple employers and multiple benefit programs such as pension, health & welfare and legal services. Current and historical contribution rates, calculated participant eligibility, vesting, current benefit as well as other membership data such as dues and employment history is maintained and available for reporting. Other features include Automated Data Download, Batch and Online Processing and Integrated Document Imaging. See Full Feature List

All of the powerful features of MTSS-mba are arranged in a fresh and clearly presented manner, so they are easily found right where you'd expect them to be – ready to perform your requests, effortlessly!

Effortless -- by Design!

Turn your benefits administration solution into a profit center.
  • Streamline Benefit Data Management
  • Accurately Calculate Eligibility
  • Identify Shortages & Eliminate Invalid Charges
  • Control & Contain Costs
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