The Challenge

In today’s challenging economy, organizations are often seeking ways to conserve scant resources. They are carefully evaluating their employee benefits administration solutions to help minimize expenditures. In these circumstances efficiency is very important. An inefficient solution can cost far more than its purchase price in both wasted time and money.  The best solution must be the most efficient one.


MTSS-mba is the essence of efficiency. It not only reduces expenses by catching invalid duplicate provider charges, but also identifies provider charges for ineligible parties. It increases revenues by reporting missing employer contributions or shortages. Member premiums that are for incorrect amounts due to misclassifications are also listed. All of the data is placed right where it needs to be without having to be entered more than once – no matter how many types of benefit programs there are.

Proven & Powerful

Benefitting from years of feedback from industry users, MTSS-mba is a mature, feature-rich and powerful solution that more efficiently manages employee benefits.  MTSS-mba streamlines the management and tracking of the large quantities of data required to administer membership and employee benefit programs, and delivers the broadest capabilities and features in the industry

MTSS-mba automatically collects and tracks information such as dues and benefits contributions, payments, and payment shortages all processed from automated data intake. Calculations for benefit eligibility, dues amounts, benefit contribution amounts, pension balances, etc. are all available - right at your fingertips. With MTSS-mba you can reduce expenses, increase revenues, maximize efficiency and turn your employee benefits administration into a profit center.

MTSS-mba - Delivers true ROI

Feature List

Benefits Management Modules
* Health and Welfare
* Pension
* Legal Services Benefits
* Vacation, Education and Training, etc.

Eligibility Support Modules
* Membership
* Dependents
* Dues Tracking
* Employer Tracking

Document Imaging
* Integrated Internal Document Management

Other Support Modules
* Auto Data Intake
* Batch Entry
* Custom Reporting
* Batch Data Intake
* Over-The-Counter Operations
* COBRA Management
* Notice Generation

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