MTSS-mba Identifies $1.5 Million for Huge ROI

MTSS User Snapshot
Active Members = 4,500
Retirees = 1,500
Dependents = 14,500
Average number of current lives = 49,000
Health and Welfare Benefit Program = 95% participation
Document images = 320,000
Employers = 18
Dues from Payroll Deductions = Yes
PAC from Payroll Deductions = Yes
Employer Provided Datasets = up to 3 per Employer
    - Active Payroll with Dues Deductions
    - H&W Benefit Remittances for Active Employees
    - H&W Benefit Remittances for Pensioners
Locals = 10
Years MTSS in use = 10+
Over-The-Counter - Receipting
User count = 20

CHALLENGE: Reduce benefit fund operating costs by identifying missing contributions and invalid benefit provider charges while streamlining processes to improve efficiencies.

SOLUTION: MTSS-mba, a mature, feature-rich and powerful Membership & Employee Benefits Administration solution that efficiently streamlines collecting, managing and tracking member data, makes retrieving information right from the desktop quick and easy.


Dated System Impacting Bottom-Line and Service
An organization with a benefit fund needed to replace its legacy system due to the fact it was missing critical information.  The system managed membership and benefit data on an average of 49,000 lives including members, dependents and retirees.  Eighteen employers submitted payroll and other information to the organization in hard copy or via large files of varied formats.  The benefit fund was collecting about $50 million per year in contributions from employers and members.  The company’s inability to quickly identify missing employer contributions or invalid benefit provider charges cost the fund millions every year.

Additionally, because the existing system was inadequate, the task of notifying healthcare providers of eligibility termination was difficult to manage.  Months after submitting a termination of benefits notice, if the timeliness of the notification was challenged, the fund was usually unable to prove it sent it on time within the timeframe allotted.  This was because the original transmittal documents could not easily be located in the company’s mass of over 320,000 filed pages.  This cost the fund even more millions per year. 

Because benefit eligibility was calculated and based directly on membership, the organization desperately sought a system that could handle collecting and managing all the various data from multiple employers as well as manual inputs from the staff.

After searching for a solution, the organization chose MTSS-mba. 

Searching for a Remedy
The company selected MTSS-mba because it has the most feature-rich and powerful solution that also offers the broadest capabilities to efficiently manage the data requirements of the organization’s membership and benefit fund.  It also delivers the best performance in the industry, and the most intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

Moreover, MTSS-mba’s customizable, modular design affords seamless integration to accommodate the organization’s work-flow environment.  Its modifiable structure could handle the simplest single fund entity to the most complicated multi-entity, multi-fund organization.

For end users the result was ease of operation, and an intuitive application that runs smooth and fast.  The fact that MTSS-mba is also easy to maintain and requires little user training were other plusses for the organization.

A Comprehensive, Calibrated, Customized Solution
During the installation process, considerable time was spent with the customer’s staff surveying its operational procedures and identifying organizational data requirements between membership and the benefit fund.  This included a full review of the types of physical documents used for verifying membership and eligibility for benefits. Information was also gathered about various business processes, such as how dues and benefits payments from employers and individual members are handled, and the methods for advising benefit providers of changes in the eligibility of program participants.  

The various types of member requests being serviced and how they were handled were evaluated at this time.  Staff reports prepared by the company were examined and procedures for automating formerly manual processes were created.

Demographic information on employers, benefit providers, locals andother information that needed to go into the MTSS-mba system was gathered.  Data in the old system was extracted.  By reviewing source documents, information was expanded for files that were deemed lacking key information. System calculation rules were also identified. 

Based on this exhaustive review and planning process, the MTSS-mba modules chosen for implementation provided for multiple dues rates including percentage dues, multiple health benefit plans with different coverages and separate member contribution rates. Split premium processing for benefit payments and benefit coverage type splits for same family plans were included.  

In addition, modules for grievance tracking and union officer history were selected. MTSS-mba input processes for all of these tasks were enabled from individual workstations or via automated intake of payments from employers’ data files.  Multi-level security was also implemented.  MTSS-mba’s document imaging module ensured that membership information and benefit eligibility could be more easily verified, and all vital information readily retrieved at the point of need.

The nature of the MTSS-mba infrastructure facilitated the simultaneous updating of data by multiple users at individual workstations, regardless of location, without contention lockouts.  The seamlessness of the MTSS-mba module integration permitted easy access to any data or processing function.

MTSS-mba modules automated the downloading and processing of employer payroll and other datasets, as well as gathering input from clerical workstations.  Extensive reporting on the information gathered allowed for the analysis of benefit payments received, identified those that were missing and verified benefit provider charges by individual.

Massive Data Collation and Intake Begins
In order to have a complete and useful historical record in the new system, it was clear that most historical information would have to be gathered from original sources and rebuilt.  This was necessary because the data in the existing computer system was incomplete and outdated.  As the physical documents were gathered from various files and storage rooms, a massive collating effort began.

Documents were assembled into packages, each associated with the corresponding correct member. Each package was then passed from team to team for various corrections and to research any missing information.  The packages were completed, containing all of the historical and demographic information needed to populate the new MTSS-mba system.  Data intake began as each package of information was scanned into the system, and permanently filed with a system generated identification number to facilitate easy location in the future should the physical folders ever be needed again.

As the intake process continued, each module was tested by various users to ensure that everything worked together smoothly, was user friendly, and that the modules provided the desired information.  Document imaging was tested as each module came up.  Testing the online repository of documents, which was growing day by day, was very satisfying as information previously thought unobtainable leapt from the screen in mere moments.  Document imaging processes were linked together to provide fast access -- from various modules -- to document images. 

Launch. $1.5 Million Additional Collectables Discovered = Great ROI
When MTSS-mba was turned on, the users were already familiar with it and considered it a reliable friend.  The fund administrator commented, “Processing flow is so intuitive it is second nature.  Everything is so fast and smooth it appears seamless.” 

From day one the company began to identify missing employer contributions and invalid charges from benefit providers.  Membership information was accurately reported and instantly up to date.  Dues were accurately distributed and reported.  Membership lists generated flawlessly into mail lists.  COBRA and other notices were system generated automatically.  And, of course, the staff was very happy with all the information available at its fingertips, and their newfound ability to get at information quickly and easily whenever needed.

MTSS-mba discovered $1.5 million that could be collected immediately and continued to identify $50,000 - $100,000 per month, collectable from various sources.

The company also realized additional benefits.  MTSS-mba has tremendously reduced the amount of time required to maintain data, and increased its ability to provide better information and service to its members.  The fund administrator further commented, “This is the best system you'll find.  It is so intuitive and helpful.  These folks know what they are doing.  You can't get a better system. We love it.  It makes our job so much easier.  We especially like the built in document imaging.”  He deemed the technical support, timeliness of response, and level of technical expertise provided as excellent. 

MTSS-mba is justifiably viewed by this customer not as an expense, but as a profit center.

Many organizations are reluctant to spend scant resources on technology today – But as this company discovered, MTSS-mba delivers true ROI.  It’s an investment that pays monetary dividends quickly.

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