Just a Brief History

Talbot Business Solutions, LLC was formed in 2009 with the goals of bringing the absolute best management software solutions, and the highest customer service, to the Employee Benefits industry.  Providing tools for superior reporting on information such as dues, benefits payments, benefits eligibility, payment shortages and member and benefit statistics, were all in sight from the beginning.  To attain these goals, Talbot Business Solutions, LLC has chosen the product MTSS-mba as our flagship application.

MTSS-mba has roots going back to 1991 and is a mature and feature-rich powerhouse solution for managing employee benefit data. Considerable effort has been spent surveying the information requirements and operating procedures for various membership and benefit program entities including Pension, Health and Welfare and Legal Services. Every MTSS-mba feature and module has been thoroughly tested with an eye to user friendliness and to assure it is providing the information desired, quickly and seamlessly.  Membership and benefits data has never been so fast or easily retrieved from the desktop.

MTSS-mba truly represents the gold standard from every possible viewpoint. It is the best solution technologically; it has the broadest capabilities and features available; it offers the best performance in the industry; the most intuitive and user friendly interface; and if that weren't enough, it is modular by design and fully customizable. It can accommodate any work-flow environment; from the simplest single fund entity to the most complicated multi-entity, multi-fund organization.

Over the course of the last 20 years, the MTSS-mba feature set has been continually added to and enhanced. Some changes were required by mandates such as HIPAA.  Others were developed at the request of users. Still others were due to the discovery of new needs. In every way, MTSS-mba not only continues to improve -- but to excel!

Talbot Business Solutions, LLC is very pleased to be able to offer MTSS-mba as the ultimate data management solution to the Employee Benefits Industry. The low entry cost, low operating cost, and low training requirements of MTSS-mba combine to reward our customers with the absolute most ROI.

Give it a look. We're sure you'll agree MTSS-mba was -

Designed to make you a hero!

Why Choose Our Company

There are many reasons to choose to do business with our company. First, the product we offer for managing your employee benefit programs, MTSS-mba, is simply the best in the industry. But just as importantly, you can count on us to provide you with outstanding customer service, to deal faithfully and to act with integrity, to keep our promises and to look out for your interests. We are passionate about what we do, and we care deeply about your satisfaction with both our customer service and the technical solution. We want long-term relationships from satisfied customers. Because we care, we are very hands-on and pay close attention to details, ensuring your objectives are met with can-do results. We are constantly looking for ways to make your job easier. We are confident that you will find Talbot Business Solutions, LLC and MTSS-mba your best choice for a long-term solution.